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Why is the Rum always gone?...
...Oh, that's why.
Friends Only! 
1st-Jan-2021 04:44 pm
romeo and juliet
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I love making new friends♥

Hover over blinkies for CREDIT'S and to see which ones that CAN NOT be requested! There rest that dont say ORIGINAL can be requested at any blinkie community. If one is your please let me know so i can credit. Enjoy!!

make_em make_em xxophelixx@make_em xxophelixx@make_em xxophelixx@make_em make_em make_em make_em make_em make_em make_em make_em Image hosting by Photobucket the_magi@blink_attack sexaybeba@blink_attack sexaybeba@blink_attack kankissu2 @ make_em. original. cannot re-request rachel_lynn@o0blinkies0o rachel_lynne@o0blinkies0o. can only be requested in this community. cmhedahl@o0blinkies0o. original. cannot be re-requested. innocencefades@make_em innocencefades@make_em _t0xicated_@blink_attack beckyann6879@blink_attack. original. cannot be re-requested. xforeverxpunkx@make_em prettyruin@freebie_ave. original. cannot re-request xforeverxpunkx@make_em finding_her@make_em. original. cannot re-request. xforeverxpunkx@make_em becky681979@make_em becky681979@make_em saphirevampire@make_em zan526@make_em base from blinkiebee.com text by zan526@make_em zan526@make_em zan526@make_em base from blinkiebee.com text by sexaybeba@addictiveblinks becky681979@blink_attack. original. cannot re-requestkrazy500@make_em krazy500@make_em base by forsaknangel@blinkieblanks. text by mysteryangel83@make_em. base by forsaknangel@blinkieblanks. text by mysteryangel83@make_em. pixel from:Pixel_themes. Text by:becky681979@make_empixel from:Pixel_themes. Text bybecky681979@make_em: pixel from:Pixel_Themes. Text by:applebastic@blink_attackb base by:slothywaffle@blinkieblanks. text by:forsaknangel@make_em forsaknangel@make_em krazy500@make_em base by:moggles@blinkieblanks. text by:krazy500@make_em pixel:Pixel_themes Text:xforeverxpunkx@blink_attack base:aeternus_servus@blinkieblanks. text:xforeverxpunkx@make_em pixel:pixelslikewhoa. text:3kame@blink_attack pixel:pixelslikewhoa. text:xforeverxpunkx@make_em kankissu2@make_em. original. cant re-quest text by:krazy500@addictiveblinks pixel:pixelslikewhoa text:sapphirevampire@make_em pixel:pixelslikewhoa text:sapphirevampire@make_em text:star382000@make_em text:star382000@make_em text:star382000@make_em text byxforeverxpunkx@make_em: sapphirevampire@make_em original can not request! text by:sexaybeba@make_em text by:sapphirevampire@make_em pixel:pixelslikewhoa text:krazy500 pixel:pixelslikewhoa text:krazy500text by:forsaknangeltext by:forsaknangel text by:sexaybeba@make_em text by:sexaybeba@make_em star382000@make_em. ORIGINAL. can not re-request. sweett_n_sassy@blink_attack.ORIGINAL. cannot re-request! sexaybeba@blinkie_sea.ORIGINAL. text by:krazy500@make_em text by:krazy500@make_em innocencefades@blinkie_sea. ORIGINAL. can only be requested @ her gallery or blinkie_sea. text by: jengee@make_em text by:jengee@make_em serenstar@blinkie_sea.ORIGINAL.cant re-request sweet_n_sassy@blink_attack.ORIGINAL.cant re-request. jengee@make_em. ORIGINAL. cant re-request. text by:angelbunnyjp@make_em text by:angelbunnyjp@make_em jengee@make_em. ORIGINAL. cant re-request hisescape@make_em hisescape@make_em
27th-Mar-2006 01:40 am (UTC)
Aww they are so CUTE! =]
19th-May-2006 07:57 pm (UTC)
hey hun i couldnt reply to the post we were talking in bc it got deleted...so just wanted to stop in and say hello...

I did create a sailor moon comm. its dormant right now...but a co mod sounds fun, and if you can get at least a few members, everyone i know is at deadjournal so im not hwlp there...then we could start it up, id like that lol...
19th-May-2006 10:16 pm (UTC)
what is the name of the comm?
that sounds cool. im pretty sure that i can find some other moonie fans to join.
just let me know♥
19th-May-2006 11:36 pm (UTC)
this is dillusion, i couldnt find it on here and then i remebered it was on deadjournal, do you have one?

If ont i cna vamp a simple layout for one here since codes are free lol
22nd-May-2006 04:03 pm (UTC)
no i dont have one. i have tried making communitys atleast twice but no noe ever joins. but i guess i could try again.♥
23rd-May-2006 08:54 pm (UTC)
well if your open to one ill create one and u can be co mod and we can shit around and try to get members...you game?


what about myspace?
26th-May-2006 02:40 pm (UTC)
yes that sounds great
23rd-May-2006 08:55 pm (UTC)
that was me it logged me out lol sorry
31st-May-2006 12:24 pm (UTC)
i read your info. and we seemed pretty similar. its nice to see someone feels the same as me.
anywayyys add me?
1st-Jun-2006 12:13 am (UTC)
i'd love to add you
28th-Jul-2007 02:20 pm (UTC)
Hi! You have been invited to join
17th-May-2008 06:19 pm (UTC)
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